ICT Current Trends: IWB

ICT Current Trends – Interactive Whiteboards
* Youtube video

Interactive Whiteboards are now becoming a fundamental element of most classrooms. They offer the characteristics of a normal white board plus millions more! The addition of them into the classroom has provided students with their preferred teaching methods as they are described as “digital natives” by some (Prensky, 2001). Digital natives meaning that they have grown up with technology and prefer technology at hand then pen and paper (Prensky, 2001). These interactive whiteboards give students a chance to interact at a high level and work together, which are elements to developing life skills. They have been a huge success and continue to take over the original white board or chalk boards that used to be the only way.

The learning style this ICT implement supports is described above. The new age children who are constantly surrounded by technology and multi tasking while using it are suited directly to this ICT aid. The students of today are also very familiar with youtube which is the aid I have used to demonstrate Interactive Whiteboards in this blog. They have a good understanding of how youtube works and how to search for something particular which allows them to use it for various reasons. Youtube is appropriate for learning as there are many educational videos available, along with videos that can be made appropriate to what is being taught.

Creativity is being developed in the classroom through the introduction of this new technology, as the students are able to interact constantly. The students can help the teacher design a program or lesson with their choice of activities, colours, text and images. Youtube similarly enables student’s development of creativity as they have a wide range of appropriate videos to work with. Through searching for them they can choose a video that they believe connects with what they are learning, which may not be the standard video that everyone else has chosen. Through choosing a video the students need to justify the validation of the video and how it is appropriate.

Interactive Whiteboards can be seen as a cognitive tool as they get the students constantly thinking. Depending on the programs they are using or the lessons the teacher has developed on the interactive whiteboards students are constantly interacting and developing knowledge. Depending on the youtube video’s used; they are also a cognitive tool. The content of the video may force students to view lesson content in a different way or develop thoughts to form an opinion for classroom discussions. When interactive white boards and youtube videos are used in the right way they are both valued as a cognitive tool.

Emma Stephenson

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