ICT as a Cognitive Tool (Webquests)

Learning Styles
ICT aids support learners in a number of different ways. Webquests in particular provide teaching to be delivered to different learning styles. Webquests allow students to “think outside the box”. This teaching aid allows the children to expand their knowledge on a specific topic as they are taken through suitable activities using the internet or other resources. The students would appreciate this style, as it is associated with the computer and exploring.

Cognitive Tools
The webquests are a great cognitive tool. They demand high-level thinking as children attempt answering questions and finding resources to do so. The activities are created to be motivating so that children want to learn, which is when children gain most out of their learning experiences.

Development of Creativity
Because webquests are completed on the computer, students are able and forced to add their own contribution to the pages. They can decorate answers or incorporate boarders or add appropriate images. This allows the students to freely create a finished product they contributed to.

Webquests are a quality teaching aid. After viewing different webquests and creating our own it was interesting to see the different learning styles that they are able to cater for. They are made interactive for the students helping their motivation levels. Webquests need to be stimulating for children otherwise they will become bored and un-enthusiastic. I would defiantly look to using webquests in my classroom in the future, as they are effective in different ways; cognitive, creative and innovative aspects are enhanced. I would make sure the webquests are appropriate to class topics and year standard while making sure they enjoy the tasks and gaining the most from the situation.


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