Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a great way to incorporate one of the students favored past times while at school. Mobiles are a thing of today, they are constantly being used by children these days therefore would make sense if they were effectively incorporated into the classroom.

Learning Styles
This ICT supports most learning styles as it caters for the growing demand for technology. These days children are growing up with mobiles, ipods, iphones, ipads, computers and many other technology tools therefore it is fair that we cater for these students. By introducing mobile learning into the classroom, students will feel their beliefs are respected. The students will automatically know how to use most aspects of the phone already therefore no teaching of the use of the technology will not be very time consuming. Students are able to download applications that are relevant to the learning subject and refer them to other students, broadening their topic knowledge.

Cognitive Tool
Technology comes natural to children these days, at the same time students are constantly thinking what’s happening or what’s next. Through using the mobile technology in class they will further develop their mobile skills as they learn off each other and through self-exploration. This ICT tool forces the user to discover the capabilities of the implement and use them effectively. Students need to know how to use these capabilities appropriately, by doing so they are required to think about ho they can make the ICT tool suitable for the learning subject. Thinking of different ways to do something is developing their cognitive skills also.

Scramble is a great example of an application that will increase the students cognitive skills:

Development of Creativity
The fact that students are using mobiles for learning indicates the creativity already developed. Through mobiles different applications, creativity is catered for through things like paint, photos, games and other tools. Creativity is constantly developed as students explore and widen their knowledge.


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