Social Constructivism

Social constructivism is a great teaching method. The students are all catered for – which is a priority when teaching. The classroom is differentiated allowing students to develop at their own pace. They don’t feel pressure or difficulty when in the classroom.

Learning Styles
Social Constructivism is a theory developed by Lev Vygotsky. The theory was developed as a way of accommodating all learning styles in a classroom. This theory involves an active and involved teacher to the lead the classroom in stimulating activities where the students can play in order to discover and develop knowledge. Therefore this theory supports and caters for every learning style, as it is the teacher’s role to accommodate every student’s learning abilities and preferences.

Cognitive Tools
Social constructivism allows students to develop cognitive skills as they are thinking on their own behalf. Students are encouraged to develop their own thoughts and ideas about something they might see in ICT such as a website. After viewing something on screen they can research it further rather then only having a paper or a book as a resource. Through this the students are constantly developing their thinking skills surrounding a subject matter or ICT in general and how to use it appropriately. Also this teaching style allows the students to communicate therefore their thinking skills and talking skills are constantly being developed and enhanced.

Development of creativity
Through the social constructivist approach, ICT is displayed in a different view for the students. The students develop creativity through stimulating ICT tools or simply interacting with different ICT implements. Students are able to create their own aspects in ICT tools and explore different ways to do things.

An online game is an effective way to stimulate students to work. The online games are motivating as Students learn in an interactive way. This is an example of a Learning object from the internet that may be used for Students in the low years while learning Maths.
– Math Popper


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