Pedagogical Beliefs and ICT Integration

From reading articles about this topic such as the Peggy A. Ertmer article it is clear that there is an existing confusion for teachers and whether or not they should teach using technology to suit the children or teach in their old ways, which dose not include various forms of technology.
Teaching is always changing in different aspects, depending on the students – which should be seen as the most important factor in the teaching world. Students needs, wants and interests need to be catered for through teaching methods otherwise they will not be motivated. Teachers need to be influenced that change is good and they will gain something from altering their teaching ways and learning new methods of teaching. It is clear that this wont be an easy task for teachers although it will be worth it in the long run as these students are the adults of the future.
I personally believe it is vital for teachers to learn the new technologies in order to cater for their students. If teachers are able to learn these new technologies and insert them into their teaching methods the students will benefit greatly.

Learning Styles

This style suits all ICT learning styles as the articles speak about teachers learning to integrate ICT tools into their lessons.

Cognitive Tool
Through introducing technology into the classroom will decrease the confusion between home use of technology and school use. The technology knowledge of students will increase as they are constantly surrounded by it and they can explore to further develop their awareness and ability to use technology. When children use technology they think and assess what is at hand. They discover different ways to research and broaden their knowledge.

Development of Creativity
The students are using a different medium to the teacher in order to do things. This highlights the creativity. Students and their peers will learn off each other as they teach each other new ways to do things, better ways or quicker ways to achieve an effective outcome. If the teachers learn how to incorporate technology into their classroom their creativity will develop immensely also.


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